Firewall Basic Understanding [Linux Firewall]


  1. Kali Linux access, either through a virtual machine or through a friend.
  2. Fresh Metasploitable Virtual Machine

The main purpose of this week’s exercise is to learn how to utilize basic firewall commands.


Call for Help:
Do your best to try the tasks below, if you’re confused, or need help, feel free to email or text me at any
point and I will gladly try to help you. If you’re having an Issue, chances are, other people are as well,
and I can update the instructions/comments/add content as necessary.



  1. You’ll need both Kali and Metasploitable Running simultaneously. You can do this by running a
    virtual machine, or by pairing with a friend and running metasploitable over the network (be
    careful here).
  2. Make sure you follow the instructions from lecture, and ensure the networks are setup
    accordingly with your layout.


  1. Basic IP Tables Operation
    a. Perform an NMAP scan of your metasploitable virtual machine from your Kali Virtual
    Provide a screenshot.

b. List the current firewall rules associated with your metasploitable virtual machine.
Provide a screenshot.

c. Produce a command to block any single IP address.
Provide the command or a screenshot.

d. Produce a command to block a range of IP Addresses.
Provide the command or a screenshot.

e. Produce a command to block an incoming connection to SSH via a single port block.
Provide the command or a screenshot.

f. Produce a command to block all incoming traffic, but allow SSH
Provide the command, and a screenshot that proves you can still allow SSH

g. Delete all rules and return to the default state.
Provide the command and a screenshot showing the current ruleset.

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