Exercise: Use WhatWeb to gather information about website technologies

  1. Open a terminal in Kali Linux and type “whatweb <target website>” to perform a basic scan
    using WhatWeb.
  2. To scan multiple websites at once, use the “-l” option followed by a file containing a list of
    websites (e.g. “whatweb -l websites.txt”)
  3. To increase the level of verbosity in the output, use the “-v” option (e.g. “whatweb -v <target
  4. To perform a stealthy scan, use the “–stealth” option (e.g. “whatweb –stealth <target
  5. To only show the plugins that match, use the “–plugins-match” option (e.g. “whatweb —
    plugins-match <target website>”)
  6. To identify the operating system, use the “–identify-os” option (e.g. “whatweb –identify-os
    <target website>”)

WhatWeb: https://www.morningstarsecurity.com/research/whatweb

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