Research the Cyber Kill Chain Model and the MITRE Matrix

Step Procedure:

  1. Start by searching for “Cyber Kill Chain Model” or “MITRE Matrix” using a
    search engine (e.g. Google).
  2. Browse through the search results to find websites that explain or
    provide information about these concepts.
  3. Read about the Cyber Kill Chain Model and the MITRE Matrix in order to
    understand their definitions, components, and uses.
  4. Take notes on the key points and main ideas presented in the
    information you find.
  5. Consider searching for additional resources or materials that may
    provide more in-depth information on the Cyber Kill Chain Model and
    the MITRE Matrix.
    Reference blog:
     For the Cyber Kill Chain Model:
    o “The Cyber Kill Chain: How Hackers Breach Your Network”
    o “Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain”
    o “The Cyber Kill Chain: An Overview”

For the MITRE Matrix Reference:
o “MITRE Matrix: A Comprehensive Guide to the MITRE Attack
Framework” (
o “MITRE ATT&CK Framework: A Comprehensive Guide”
o “The MITRE ATT&CK Framework: What You Need to Know”

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