Exercise: Perform user enumeration using the enum4linux tool

  1. Open a terminal in Kali Linux and type “enum4linux <target IP>” to perform a basic user
    enumeration scan using enum4linux.
  2. To perform a more in-depth scan, type “enum4linux -a <target IP>”
  3. To save the output to a file, type “enum4linux -a <target IP> > <output file>”
  4. To target a specific Windows version, type “enum4linux -u <username> -p <password> -S
    <target IP> –smb-os-discovery”
  5. To perform a user enumeration scan on a specific port, type “enum4linux -p <port number>
    <target IP>”
  6. To perform a user enumeration scan using a specific username and password, type
    “enum4linux -u <username> -p <password> <target IP>”

enum4linux: https://github.com/portcullislabs/enum4linux

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