Exercise: More File operations

  1. Create a new directory in your home directory.
  2. Can you move this directory to the same level as your home directory?
  3. List the files in reverse alphabetical order.
  4. Change to your home directory. Create a new directory and copy all the files of the
    /etc directory into it. Make sure that you also copy the files and directories which are
    in the subdirectories of /etc! (recursive copy)
  5. Change into the new directory and make a directory for files starting with an upper-
    case character and one for files starting with a lower-case character. Move all the files
    to the appropriate directories. Use as few commands as possible.
  6. Search about symbolic link and asymbolic link?
  7. Make a symbolic link in your home directory to /var/tmp. Check that it really works.
  8. Make another symbolic link in your home directory to this link. Check that it works.
    Remove the first link and list directory content. What happened to the second link?
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