Exercise: Use Grabify to create an IP logger link

Grabify IP Logger is a tool used to log IP addresses of visitors to a website. It is a useful tool for cyber security professionals who want to track the activity of users on their websites. In order to use Grabify IP Logger, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Create a Grabify account. This can be done on the Grabify website.
  2. Generate a Grabify link. This can be done by entering the URL of the website that you want to track into the Grabify link generator.
  3. Share the Grabify link. This can be done by sending the link to the users that you wish to track.
  4. Monitor the activity. Once the link has been sent to the users, the activity of the users who visit the link can be monitored in the Grabify dashboard.
  5. Analyze the data. Once the activity has been monitored, the data can be analyzed to understand the behavior of the users on the website. This can help to identify any potential threats or vulnerabilities in the website.
  6. Take action. Once the data has been analyzed, the necessary steps can be taken to address any potential threats or vulnerabilities identified. This can include implementing security measures or making changes to the website.
  7. Monitor activity regularly. It is important to monitor activity on the website regularly to ensure that any potential threats or vulnerabilities are identified and addressed quickly. This can be done through the Grabify dashboard or other tools.



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