Lab Setup: Deploy a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox


A virtual machine, often called a VM, is a software program that emulates a real computer. It creates a virtual environment that runs on a real computer or server. This environment can run its own operating system and applications. VMs are often used to create isolated test environments or to run multiple operating systems on one computer. Many exercises in the platform are to be completed in virtual machines.

Below are some of the most popular virtualization softwares:

  • VirtualBox
  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper V Manager


When a new virus begins spreading online, John, a malware analyst, turns to virtual machines to help him research the virus. By creating several virtual machines, John is able to study the virus in depth and figure out how it works. He also tests different methods of removing the virus, eventually finding a solution that prevents the virus from spreading.


Install Virtual Box and create VMs for Kali Linux and Windows. Then create a “NAT Network”, and connect both VMs to the NAT Network.

Learning Objective(s)

Using virtual machines is a skill that all IT professionals should have because you can perform unsafe tasks in a virtual environment without causing any damage to anything.

Completing this exercise will teach you how to use Virtual Box and create virtual machines for numerous operating systems.

As a Blue Teamer, you will use virtual machines to analyse malware samples and attacks.

As an offensive security professional, you will use virtual machines to test attacks and find vulnerabilities in software.

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