Use Veil To Generate A Meterpreter Payload That Bypasses Anti-Virus




Veil Evasion is a tool designed to generate Metasploit payloads that bypass common anti-virus software.


Use Veil Evasion to generate a Metasploit payload that loads Meterpreter and bypasses anti-virus software.

Learning Outcome

This exercise imparts you how to use Veil Evasion to avoid detection.


  • Download and install the Veil Framework
  • Create a Windows virtual machine and install an anti-virus (AV) software on it
  • Update the AV to its latest version
  • Using Veil, generate a payload for Meterpreter that bypasses the AV
  • Scan the payload with the AV, and then run it
  • Validation: Obtain a Meterpreter reverse shell
Assignment submission instructions:

Click the button below to record your screen and proceed with the exercise.

Please make sure your video is less than 3 min long.

When finished, stop the recording and press the “submit” button in the window below.

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