Understanding of the Azure cloud platform




The Azure platform consists of over 200 services and seems to be expanding all the time. It may feel that there is a lot of ground to cover here, but during a penetration test, you will typically only need to focus on a subset of the available services that you have in scope.

In general, it is important to understand how the environment is structured at the Azure platform level (subscriptions, RBAC, resources), and how the available services can be abused to gain additional privileges in the environment.


Understanding of how Azure functions as a platform

Learning Outcome

– Access to Azure public Cloud by command line


  • Access to Azure public cloud platform https://portal.azure.com
  • Install Azure CLI – https://aka.ms/installazurecliwindows
  • Run the following command: “az login”
  • Run the following command: az
  • Run the following command: az resource list
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