LAB – Pentest 1

Description Back to the Top This is a small boot2root VM I created for my university’s cyber security group. It contains multiple remote vulnerabilities and multiple privilege escalation vectors. I did all of my testing for this VM on VirtualBox, so that’s the recommended platform. I have been informed that it also works with VMware, … Read more

LAB – Pentest 2

Description Back to the Top This is a boot2root VM and is a continuation of the Basic Pentesting series. This series is designed to help newcomers to penetration testing develop pentesting skills and have fun exploring part of the offensive side of security. VirtualBox is the recommended platform for this challenge (though it should also work with … Read more

Lab Setup: Deploy a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox

Background A virtual machine, often called a VM, is a software program that emulates a real computer. It creates a virtual environment that runs on a real computer or server. This environment can run its own operating system and applications. VMs are often used to create isolated test environments or to run multiple operating systems … Read more

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