SOC Analyst Job Description

Become a SOC Analyst (CSA) – a cybersecurity professional who monitors and detects potential threats, triages the alerts and appropriately escalates them. Without a SOC analyst, processes such as monitoring, detection, analysis, and triaging will lose their effectiveness, ultimately negatively affecting the organization.

Who is SOC Analyst?

A security operations center (SOC) analysts are on the front line of cyber defense, detecting and responding to cyber attacks. SOC analyst makes sure that organization’s digital assets remain secure and protected from unauthorized access by monitoring and responding to massive amounts of data in record time. Their main responsibility is protect  organization’s infrastructure by monitoring data, identifying suspicious activity, and mitigating risks before a breach occurs. 

Average Salary

$25000 – $151500 worldwide

Industries to work at

  • government
  • health organizations
  • finance
  • electronic shopping 
  • information services
  • semiconductor or other electronic manufacturing
  • automotive repair and maintenance
  • legal services
  • private consultancies

SOC Analyst Job Profile

Duties and Responsibilities

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You need to know

SOC-Analyst Job tasks and Responsibilities

Advanced tasks

Non-tech tasks

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