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Pentester Path

To get a better idea of what Ethical Hacking is, it is important to first understand what hacking actually is. Unlike malicious hacking, where a hacker could cause harm to your computer system, this form of hacking entails the use of computer programs and resources to gain unauthorized access into a computer system by exploiting weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Chief Information Security Officer Career Path

Become a CISO, or an executive in an organization who oversees the protection of information and data. A CISO is responsible for developing the vision, strategy, and program that will protect a company’s data assets and technologies. Chief information security officers can find employment in all kinds of organizations, including private firms, governmental bodies, and NGOs.


SOC Analyst Career Path

Become a SOC Analyst (CSA) – a cybersecurity professional who monitors and detects potential threats, triages the alerts and appropriately escalates them. Without a SOC analyst, processes such as monitoring, detection, analysis, and triaging will lose their effectiveness, ultimately negatively affecting the organization.


Penetration Tester – Demo

Certified Penetration Tester
Become a qualified professional penetration tester that can provide comprehensive web application and infrastructure penetration tests.

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