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Why Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand fields in tech and the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the world grew by 350% in the past 8 years, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. 

In 2025 3.5 million of job openings are predicted along with a cost of $10.5 trillion annually according to Cybersecurity Jobs report. 


A more widespread adoption of digital technologies and a rise in cyberattacks following it resulted in a big demand in cyber specialists able to protect companies, enterprises from cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more diverse and complex, and every industry requires experts able to keep crucial data safe. 


The need in cybersecurity specialists has been growing even faster than companies can hire. According to Fortune Education, even if you have an undergrad or graduate degree in cybersecurity or computer science, that may not be enough to land certain jobs in the industry. 


Why is it so hard to fill this cybersecurity gap? 

There are simply not enough specialists with the skills and credentials necessary for these jobs. 


Our cybersecurity courses focus on the career paths that are highly in-demand in todays job market. Our curriculums are based on real job openings and developed to train exactly the skills necessary for those jobs. There are multiple career paths for those who want to start or advance cybersecurity career. 

Here, in PurpleHackademy, we offer 4 career paths of the biggest demand in 2022:


Penetration Tester – Demo

Certified Penetration Tester
Become a qualified professional penetration tester that can provide comprehensive web application and infrastructure penetration tests.


SOC Analyst Career Path

Become a SOC Analyst (CSA) - a cybersecurity professional who monitors and detects potential threats, triages the alerts and appropriately escalates them. Without a SOC analyst, processes such as monitoring, detection, analysis, and triaging will lose their effectiveness, ultimately negatively affecting the organization.

Chief Information Security Officer Career Path

Become a CISO, or an executive in an organization who oversees the protection of information and data. A CISO is responsible for developing the vision, strategy, and program that will protect a company’s data assets and technologies. Chief information security officers can find employment in all kinds of organizations, including private firms, governmental bodies, and NGOs.


Pentester Path

To get a better idea of what Ethical Hacking is, it is important to first understand what hacking actually is. Unlike malicious hacking, where a hacker could cause harm to your computer system, this form of hacking entails the use of computer programs and resources to gain unauthorized access into a computer system by exploiting weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

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