About Us

About Us

Purple Hackademy is a cybersecurity training platform developed for trainees to practice real job skills and get ready for a cybersecurity job in a short period of time.

Purple Hackademy

On this platform you will find everything you will need to become a cybersecurity professional: hundreds of practical exercises extracted from real job offers, virtual labs, experimental tools , practice tests, resources, assessments and certifications upon completing the course.

Purple Hackademy is a platform prepared by RALFKAIROS company. We are cybersecurity company, based in Seoul and Paris, providing hands-on, vendor-independent quality assuarance and consulting cybersecurity services.



Years of experience in Cybersecurity


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Of our students succeed to find a job in cybersecurity

Julien Provenzano


Julien has a 14-year engineering background and experiences as a system administrator, an IT architect and a security manager for different companies.

In his role at Airbus he has been responsible for the deployment of new technologies for cybersecurity, intelligence and secure communications business units.

Since 2017, he has been a consultant assisting clients with their handling of cybersecurity. His customer sectors include banking, insurance, telco, defense industries and government organizations.

Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Purple Hackademy is an online training platform for those who want to become cybersecurity professionals. 

Founded in 2022 by Julien Provenzano, a cybersecurity specialist, who is also an influencer on LinkedIn with a community of 22,000 cybersecurity professionals and learners. For years he has been sharing free recourses with his followers and communicating with a cyber community. That helped him to understand main problems that people have when they decide to become a cybersecurity professional or when they are trying to upskill their knowledge. 

Julien has been getting dozens of messages from learners asking to recommend them a good cybersecurity learning platform, that would give efficient knowledge, needed skills and an affordable price. That motivated him to make a platform that was needed by so many people, where users can get both theoretical and practical knowledge, skills based on real job tasks that are required in companies today and support during the learning process.


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